Slides and video of my talk at ELCE 2019

The slides and video of my talk at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 are available.

The Embedded Linux Conference is an event focused on embedded Linux that happens twice a year, first in the US and then in Europe.

The event is very good, with lots of technical content and opportunities to meet the people from the open source community that works in projects like U-Boot, Buildroot, Yocto Project and the Linux kernel.

This year I had the opportunity to attend the event as a speaker and the experience was fantastic.

My talk had the title “Linux kernel debugging: going beyond printk messages” with the following description:

“Debugging the Linux kernel with printk messages is a common technique. And often a good one. The problem happens when we only know this debugging technique. How to debug a kernel oops message? How to trace and understand the kernel execution? How to identify and analyze a buffer overflow? How to identify a memory leak or a deadlock in kernel space? In many situations, there are more effective kernel debugging tools and techniques, including KGDB, ftrace, addr2line, eBPF, kmemleak, and so on. In this presentation, we will go over these and many other very useful tools to identify and fix problems in the Linux kernel.”

My room was full, I’ve got excited and my presentation ended up taking longer than planned. 🙂

Most slides of the talks are available at and the videos have already been published on YouTube.

For those interested in my presentation, take a look at the slides or watch the video on YouTube.

Have fun!

About the author: Sergio Prado has been working with embedded systems for more than 20 years. If you want to know more about his work, please visit the About page or Embedded Labworks website.

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