Embedded Online Conference 2020

The Embedded Online Conference is an online conference for embedded systems, DSP, machine learning and FPGA engineers.

The conference will have 4 tracks (DSP & Machine Learning, Embedded Systems Programming, Embedded Systems Security and FPGA) and a lot of great talks from experts in the field.

I’ll be there presenting the talk Developing embedded real-time applications with heterogeneous multiprocessing systems.

In this session, I will talk about all the theory behind the development of embedded applications using heterogeneous multiprocessing systems and put into practice with hands-on demonstrations based on a board with a heterogeneous multicore SoC containing both a Cortex-A and a Cortex-M processor, capable of running multiple operating systems on the different cores.

In the hands-on demonstration, I will show how to run an RTOS (FreeRTOS) in the Cortex-M processor to handle deterministic and real-time events and report them back to a full-featured OS (GNU/Linux) running on the Cortex-A. I will talk about how the communication between the cores works and use an implementation of the OpenAMP standard in the hands-on.

The conference will take place on May 20th and registrations before Feb 29th are free!

On May 20th, you just have to come back to the conference site and login. You will be able to watch as many sessions as you’d like and ask questions to the speakers.

See you there!

About the author: Sergio Prado has been working with embedded systems for more than 20 years. If you want to know more about his work, please visit the About page or Embedded Labworks website.

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